Le Marche is a really rich reason to discover and able to satisfy all tastes. The splendid green of our hilly hinterland gently embraces theazure seaand in the midst of it all rise architectural works and historical evidences that enrich the charm of some of the most famous hamlets.The Hotel Nettuno is the ideal starting point for organizing your business trips. excursions among art, nature and enogastronomy. And if you have any questions or would like any suggestions, we are prepared and happy to answer them on the beauties of our territory.

Frasassi Caves Genga

One of Hotel Nettuno's favourite stops is the Grotte di Frasassi Genga, about 60 km from our hotel. Small lakes, inlaid stalactites and shining stalagmites, rooms with crystal and alabaster arabesques are a testament to the wonderful spectacles nature gives us.


Urbino is famous for its beauty and for being the birthplace of painter Raphael Sanzio. The favorite buildings of the Hotel Nettuno are the Duomo, the Ducal Palace, the Renaissance Gallery, the Church of San Domenico and the University Palacehome of the Montefeltro family. But there would be an endless list that would be a shame to miss!


Loreto, which, like Urbino, is about 70 km from Senigallia, is a popular destination for religious tourism thanks to its fascinating sanctuary and the majesty of Apostolic Palace. If you happen to visit in winter don't miss the ancient tradition of the fires of the coming.


Recanati needs no introduction thanks to Leopardi Palacehome of the poet, at Infinity Hill - try reciting the poet's poem of the same name in front of us for an even more suggestive experience - and at the Saturday pitch of the Village. 

Between history and vineyards

If you are nature lover and after a long walk you don't disdain a glass of wine with friends, here are some other destinations you can't absolutely miss: Corinaldo, Ostra Vetere and Morro D'Alba, among others, famous all over the world for the La Lacrima" wine.

Saddle up

From the Hotel Nettuno it is also possible to organize adventurous itineraries on your own bike.

For example, you can start from the first slopes of the hinterland to rejoin the south coast of Senigallia and pedal for 100 km immersed in the Marche countryside. 

Or, if you love challenges and you are travelling in pairs, the Rotonda a mare ring-route, which runs along the river Misa and passes through the Terra del Duca area and through Scapezzano, is perfect for you. There are 18 km of climbs and descents embraced by a breathtaking panorama. 

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