Our cuisine

The Hotel Nettuno wants to welcome you with taste even in the restaurant room. Our cuisine consists of good, healthy and tasty disheswhich have their roots in the rich history of the gastronomic tradition of the Marche region.

Our family management allows us to delight your taste buds with a home cooking and genuine. For example, our guests' favourite dishes are the famous and delicious fish soup "brodetto di pesce alla senigalliese" and our cheerful and tasty seafood salad. tasty and healthy breakfast? É the best way to wish you a sweet good morning.


To make sure you start every day of your beach vacation with a smile, we look forward to welcoming you in the morning with our rich breakfast, both sweet and savoury.

You will be able to taste cakes and pies made by our chef. Warm and soft brioches, sandwiches, rusks and biscuits to accompany with butter, assorted jams, honey and chocolate. Or yogurt, muesli and corn flakes.

Lovers of savoury breakfasts They will also find sliced meats of their choice, such as salami and cooked ham, and cheeses to go with fruit juices of various flavours. One of our prides is the freshly brewed coffee in our bar: we serve only quality drinks such as espresso, cappuccino, fresh milk, creamy chocolate and hot tea.

Lunch and dinner

After a busy morning at the beach or to recover energy for after dinner, here is our culinary proposal to lick your lips: double choice of first and second coursewith possibility of variation and fish every day for lunch or dinner.

All meals are accompanied by a double buffet: one with raw and cooked vegetables for tasty hors d'oeuvres or rich side dishes, the other with fresh fruit and ice cream for lunch, homemade dessert or fruit in syrup for dinner.

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