13 April to 3 September

Art exhibition at Palazzo del Duca in Senigallia

A homage to futurism, with over fifty works , including paintings, drawings, but also elements related to the furnishing of the house, for a comprehensive overview of this artistic movement that had great importance in the territory of the marche region since 1922.

Summer Jamboree

26 July / 7 August

Unmissable appointment with themost awaited event of the summer of Senigallia, the international festival to relive the atmosphere of America of the 40's and 50's with free concerts, parties and events that each gather up to 400 thousand fans of rock and roll from all over the world.

The maze of Hort

01 July / September 10,

One of the largest corn mazes in the Centre of Italy, is an original idea to live anunusual experience, and unforgettable! Located a few steps from the sea in a location with a really charming and fascinating.
Each year the site is visited by more than 12,000 visitors from all over Italy, thanks also to the many theme events that are organized for all ages.


20 July / August 15

Art exhibition at the Rocca Roveresca of Senigallia (an) from 20 July to 15 August, with the works of the students of theAcademy of Fine Arts of Brera. The name of the exhibition is inspired by the technique used by these students, different from each other but all who cross the threshold of the border both as an impression and as a concept, going out from their contour line will create "chaos" and open up new borders.

Senigallia underground

7 July / 1 September

The Archaeological Area and the Museum, The Phoenix will be the fascinating stage of this event that gathers theatre and events inspired by the culture of greco-roman antiquity. To make the setting, interesting presentations of books, conferences and guided tours for adults and children.

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