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Discover the Marche region, starting from the hotel Nettuno is an adventure to live. Art, nature, the evneti, the food: we live in a land that is a cradle of great treasures that deserve to be lived.
Ask us for information! We will be happy to direct towards the wonders of our land, whose beauty will leave you breathless.


Situated on the Adriatic sea, offers a variety of attractions. Famous throughout Italy for its "Velvet Beach" and the Blue Flag for the quality of the water. The seaside town is also rich with attractions such as the Rocca Roveresca and the many national events: the Summer Jamboree (August) and the Caterraduno(June).

Tourism Senigallia

The caves of Frasassi Genga

In addition, a few kilometres from Senigallia there is a beautiful hilly hinterland that awaits you is to love nature and long walks in the countryside immersed in the olive groves and in the vineyards is that you love the story and the art, there are many medieval villages preserved in time, between which we remember Corinaldo, Ostra Vetere and Morro D'alba, famous throughout the world for the Wine Lacrima di Morro d'alba.

For a memorable trip, we recommend the Caves of Frasassi Genga (at a distance of about sixty kilometres from the hotel). The visit to the famous caves and its surroundings is a must, a itineario between art and nature. Location quiet and smooth where you can admire the small lakes, inlaid stalactites, bright stalagmites, salt with crystal arabesques and alabaster.


Urbino, which is about 70 km from the hotel Neptune**, and is probably the most famous city of the Marche region in the world: he gave birth to one of the most famous Italian painters of all time, Raphael Sanzio, and it was the seat of a civilization of the most refined in the Renaissance. There are numerous cultural and historic buildings to visit including the Duomo, the Palazzo Ducale, the Galleria, the Renaissance, the Church of San Domenico and the Palazzo of the University, which was the residence of the Montefeltro.


Loreto (about 70 kilometres from Senigallia) is a beautiful city of faith, art and culture with a rich artistic heritage, religious and cultural heritage kept within its walls including the unmistakable Sanctuary and the majesty of the Apostolic Palace.


Recanati(it is about 70 Km from the hotel), the city lives in the memory of Giacomo Leopardi who was born here, and where you can visit: Palazzo Leopardi, birthplace of the poet, the Hill of Infinity, celebrated in the poem of the same name, the Pitch Saturday in the Village and the House of Silvia.

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